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Frequently Asked Questions - About IthaCalendar

FAQs - About IthaCalendar
The technology we used was loading very, very slowly, so we changed to a new system that we hope will serve the community better.
This calendar is for LOCAL events ONLY, by which we mean events taking place in Tompkins County, New York or VERY nearby.  ONLY local events will be approved for display on the calendar.  Please do not even bother to post non-local events — they will not show in the calendar.
Click on the Contact link and request your event be removed.  Be very specific about the title, time and date of the event you want removed.  Also, please show that the event is really yours.
They’re simple: local events only, G-rated, and no spamming the calendar.
Just about any events within Tompkins county are considered local.  If your event is very close to Tompkins County and likely to be of interest to people who live in Tompkins County it will be considered.  ‘Very close’ would be some place like King Ferry that is actually very close to Tompkins County.